Sunday, March 18, 2007


Early March 16. Less than an hour before she packed the kids into the van and headed down to Florida to visit family. We shared that kiss in the bathroom. Dora the Explorer entertained the little ones in the living room. Television gets a bad rap way too often. But it gave us five minutes of uninterrupted intimacy.

A kiss and a loving embrace. She travels to Florida knowing how crazy I am for her. She doubts nothing. I love the confidence that we have in our love. This might not be the famous Robert Doisneau kiss, but it's priceless to me. As is she.


Newscoma said...

Really just absolutely lovely.

john h said...

Kinda beats my hug at the airport (to pieces), but people were honking and policeman were beckoning, and the wife was nervous-as-hell about all the flying, but I know your feeling.

Btw..who the heck took that pic?

CHEZ BEZ said...

Thanks guys.

"Who the heck took that pic?" My right hand. ;)

john h said...

I am holding back on the 'right hand' jokes and what the uses for which the devilish hand might be employed for the next week or so..well mostly holding back.

The Knuck is trying to get a crowd at the Mothership tomorrow (Monday) around 12:30 for purposes he can explain. You in? I'm planning to be chowing down on my favorite bbq plate with crack n' cheese and pintos right about that time..

CHEZ BEZ said...

Thanks for the Knuck info. I got the news and will do my best to represent.

As for your "mostly held back" comment...of that, there is no question. ;)