Saturday, March 03, 2007

I Hope She Sings "(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night"

Pops is taking me to see Madeleine Peyroux Sunday night at Polk Theater. I'm a fan of hers based on the very few of her songs I've heard on the radio.

Tonight, I am cramming. I've pulled up her releases on Rhapsody and am giving a good listen to more of her songs. Tom Waits fan that I am, I immediately recognized that she covers his "(Looking for) The Heart of Saturday Night" on her latest CD. It's a winner. She changed it up just enough to make it her own. That's a big plus. There's not much that frustrates me more than hearing a cover of a song that is not much more than standard karaoke. Madeleine Peyroux definitely gives us her special interpretation and brings something new to our ears. In that is always the wonderful reward.

Nashville Scene: Madeleine Peyroux may just be the next great vocal interpreter of our time

NPR: Madeleine Peyroux's Nearly 'Perfect World'

Anyone else going?

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Ash & Alex said...

Did you enjoy Madame Peyroux? I've loved her for years, saw her here last summer & it moved me to tears!!