Saturday, March 03, 2007

Live at the Met, in Nashville, TN

Thanks to Jon at the blog, mushin no shin, I have learned that Opry Mills hosts simulcasted performances of the Metropolitan Opera Saturday Matinees. For the very affordable price of $18, this Nashvillian can get a taste of high culture from the Big Apple. I may be watching it on-screen instead of on stage, but I get to see it live as if I was in Lincoln Center itself - and not at prices ranging from $42 to $295 a seat.

The next performance is March 24 at 12:30. It is The Barber of Seville. I don't wish to give away the ending, but I am really looking forward to seeing the part where Bugs Bunny shaves Elmer Fudd's face ("Yoooou're so next!").

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Jon said...

I heard a snippet of an interview the other day where it was mentioned that aounrd the country, some 50,000 people attended the Eugene Onegin simulcast.

It's sort of neat, knowing that it's not a 'movie', that it's taking place live in NY as you watch, and that all 50K of you are part of some kind of augmented audience in this giant country-wide expanded theater. Or something like that. Definitely adds to the experience.