Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Hold Back, But Not When Drinking

Now that potential new employers abound, I find myself not blogging as I once did. I'd hate to write about a bad day at the current job and out myself as a negative type person.

But...I'm fueled by a half finished bottle of very cheap wine and feel like writing for the sake of writing. The day did suck. But on the bright side, I made it through just fine. I'm now home with my aforementioned bottle of wine. (Less than $6. Care to venture what it is?)

Whitesnake plays on VH1 (muted) and Marc Ribot tears it up as I listen to him on the internet. He's the man all over Tom Waits' Bone Machine release. F**king amazing. His Yo! I Killed Your God is darn near absolute fury. I had a day at work filled with drudgery and poor treatment toward this poor bellman and listening to Ribot makes me smile. It's always the music that saves me.

Wine gone. Off to bed.

Email me with any question. Or leave a comment. You'll get nothing but the truth from the drunk bellman. (Drunk Bellman. That should have been the name of this blog.)

[Edit to add: Wow. I only vaguely remember writing this post. Anyway, the wine consumed was classic Beringer white zin. The wine that wine snobs love to hate.]


'Coma said...

This was sort of where I was last night.

Just saying.

Gnightgirl said...

Less than $6. Hm. I guess Yellowtail Shiraz.

Where's my prize?

Snow White said...

Should have looked me up... I'd have had a drink with you!

Bekah said...

Yellowtail Cab-Shiraz or Cab.
Tell us.
I actually LIKE the cheap Yellowtail...

Ginger said...

Hell, I'm thinking either Mogan David or Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill. :)

Gnightgirl said...

Crap, that was my second guess!