Friday, June 01, 2007

my iPod's click wheel must have run over a nail

My second favorite* material possession, my iPod, is more than likely on the fritz. Its wheel is slightly stuck inward and won't respond to my music and podcast loving commands. I somehow got it to work after much fidgeting, but I suspect that I can't rely on such fidgeting to work each and every time I need it to.

And so, Friday morning will find me seeking out local iPod repair shops and seeing how inexpensively I can get this electronic love of my life to work again. Surely, I can't afford a proper replacement, and I hate to think of a life without iPod for the unforeseeable future. I'm not above a life of crime though if that's what it takes to get Tom Waits and his peers singing through my earbuds once again.

I'm a wannabe minimalist without his much loved iPod mini.

*I wear my first favorite material possession on my left hand's ring finger.

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