Friday, June 08, 2007

If you are not nice to your server, then you are not my friend.

Ed Hamilton at Living with Legends: Hotel Chelsea Blog writes of some pretty despicable behavior he witnessed at New York's Five Front restaurant.
At that point, understandably, the waitress stormed off. Even the other people at that table knew that cursing her was stepping over the line, and they told the man who had cursed her that he shouldn’t have done that. An older woman who was with them got up and rushed to talk to the waitress to try to settle her down, and to head off what she thought might prove to be adverse consequences. She put her arm around the girl and whispered in her ear, and I thought, well, at least somebody from that table has a shred of decency. But then the old woman came back to the table and laughed about it, as if to say: “I took care of her, don’t worry about it.” Her behavior now appeared slimy and sinister, and I was appalled. ... the rest>>

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Ivy said...

Ugh, I hate when people treat their sever badly.