Friday, June 01, 2007

I Vote Red

Admittedly, I'm a sucker for redheads.

But if today were election day, I'd vote Kucinich. His wife, Elizabeth, has me utterly smitten. All of that beauty and that accent as well? In the movie of her life, I see Nicole Kidman playing the role of First Lady Kucinich. Kidman's got the beauty, the red hair, and she certainly has experience acting alongside someone much shorter than herself. (Oooh, snarky!)

If I end up voting for Kucinich mainly because I find his wife to be fantastically beautiful, I won't find myself any worse of a voter than all of the people who voted for Bush because he seemed like the kind of guy they'd like to share a beer with. Please.

I promise to watch a lot of C-Span, read up on all of the candidates, and vote for the candidate who I believe speaks most honestly and expertly on the issues I value most. But right this minute, it's Kucinich by a landslide.


Heidi said...

me too, redhead aside. he's the only one to be consistently against the war. of course the media have marginalized him because of that, but make no mistake, he has intelligent plans to get us out of this mess.

he also has a true political history of siding with the people, not the money. ex. keeping electricity a public utility, not private when all the financial heavyweights were against him in cleveland.

this is a man who walks his talk. of course that makes him unlikely for president in this country, sadly.

The Tarotlaydee )0( said...

Elizabeth is not only beautiful, but brainy as well. Her masters was in International Conflict Resolution. She has worked in Africa and India. She is quite an accomplished young woman just on her own merits. I wish the media would talk more about her education and experience more than on her looks. She would make a fine First Lady.

chez béz said...

The more I read up on both Kuciniches, the more intrigued I am by their intellectual and humanitarian pursuits. Regardless of however the long campaign turns out, I'm glad that I share space with folks like them.

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Dennis is the best candidate, and Elizabeth has more than beauty. She's another Eleanor Roosevelt. Elizabeth is a great humanitarian in her own right. If America deserves the best, it deserves Dennis and Elizabeth.

junepath said...

I think I did vote for Dennis last election. If that was who the Libertarian party member was back in '04, hard to remember these days! I know in '00 it was Brown.