Friday, June 01, 2007

They Love, Cherish, And Cancel Each Other Out At The Polls

Fred Thompson may run. Mary Matalin, a former Bush advisor, is expected to play a role in his campaign if he does. I'm reminded that I'm always intrigued by the dynamic of Matalin's marriage to Democratic party strategist, James Carville.

I never watched MTV's Newlyweds, a reality show about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's young and short-lived marriage. I would, however, avidly watch the same type of show about these two political professionals. Married since 1993, and passionately opposed to one another politically, while sharing a life and home together, it would seem to me that their marriage was much more likely doomed from the start than that of Jessica and Nick's.

Personally, I'd love to hear them go back and forth about why one's candidate is the country's savior and the other one is simply a lying idiot, all the while, they are making domestic decisions together about the kids and whose turn it is to clear the dishes. If not a reality show, they could at least retire from politics and give couples' counseling to MTV generation newlyweds ("You think you two have disagreements? Listen to my husband's thoughts on health care reform. And I still love him.")

Of course, it's fun to think of Carville and Matalin as being polar opposites, but for them, I think it's more about the game of politics than the political ideology itself. Still, fourteen years of marriage is fourteen years of marriage. That's twice the sum of two Britney marriages (2 yrs, 55 hrs), one Jessica-Nick marriage (3 yrs), Billy Bob-Angelina (2 yrs), and Zellweger-Chesney (5 mos).

Good run, guys. Congrats on finding the love.

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