Sunday, April 27, 2008

Exchanging gold bands and rocking to the E Street Band.

From the New York Times Weddings/Celebrations page:

"Then their 393 guests headed for the three-story gilded Grand Ballroom, where this time Ms. Pottruck and Mr. Goldman entered legally, to the music of Bruce Springsteen. A 14-piece band played 'Badlands' as the best pals once again showed their playful instincts by rocking out with their fists pumping in the air."

I love this couple already. Their love for Springsteen is huge. (The article also mentions them almost getting arrested for crashing Springsteen's Rock Hall induction ceremony.) She's a redhead - as is Bruce's wife - and I wonder if they considered entering to Springsteen's "Red Headed Woman." It's a bit racy but would have been perfect for the removing of the garter.

Excerpted lyrics:

Well listen up stud
Your life's been wasted
Til you've got down on your knees and tasted

A red headed woman
A red headed woman
It takes a red headed woman
To get a dirty job done

Tight skirt, strawberry hair
Tell me what you've got baby, waiting under there
Big green eyes that look like, son
They can see every cheap thing that you ever done

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kate said...

One of my favorite Springsteen songs. Of course, I could be biased.