Sunday, April 20, 2008

Honeymoon, Almost Six Years Ago


ceeelcee said...

There's a Cayman Islands in Kentucky?

I always love it when islanders offer to braid my hair. Both of my hairs.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Happy Almost Honeymoon Anniversary!

sista said...

Who needs George Clooney? We have Chez Bez! Mrs. Bez is a lucky girl.

Happy Whatever...y'all are sweet.

Katie said...

Congrats on 6 years of wedded bliss! I too was married almost six years ago. Divorced for three now. :) Props to you!!

chez b├ęziat said...

ceeelcee: I know. I saw that and felt pretty silly about taking such a large boat from TN to KY.

barbara and katie: Thanks. It actually won't be six years until August but that was the best title I could come up with on such short notice.

sista: Clooney? Wow. I blush. ;)