Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm not shaving for the next three days.

While my lovely (and Bon Jovi-obsessed) wife spends the the next three days goofing around Nashville with a friend and staying in hotels (tonight: Bon Jovi concert; tomorrow night: who knows?), I've got the weekend off from work so that I can watch the kiddos. We'll have no car and will make do with what our immediate surroundings have to offer. I foresee lots of walks around the apartment complex, feeding bread to the ducks, playing at the playground, etc. When the rain comes, we'll just stay inside and draw on poster board, read books, and build forts with couch cushions.

I'm just happy to not have to shave for a few days. I'll be a bit scruffy looking by the end, but hopefully somewhat rested. Then again, depending on the kids and their behavior, maybe I'll wake up Sunday morning thrilled that I get to go back to the structure of my job. Either way, I look forward to this small break from the daily routine of dragging a sharp razor across my face.

Gotta run. It's time to play on the swings.

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