Saturday, April 26, 2008

This Hermitage hermit blogs again.

Wife came home. I went out. She had her wild weekend. Now it was my time to give myself a wild night before going back to work tomorrow. Would I get liquored up at the nearest bar? Wander into a rock club and hear a new favorite band? At least walk around with camera in hand and work on my night shots?

None of the above. I drove around downtown and I drove around East Nashville but never could commit to doing anything fun or interesting. I did stop in at The Groove, a record store in East Nashville, but I was in and out in ten minutes. My big night out consisted of the above driving around and ended with a stop at the Taco Bell near my workplace where I ate, read the Nashville Scene and listened to podcasts on the iPod.

The cool part of my night is below:

I logged in (on?) tonight just in time to watch Portishead live at Coachella. The music sounds wonderful as I sip from my wine.


julie said...

Wild man!!!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

well I'll tell ya, if you were LIVE at Coachella, you would be wearing the same outfit you have on in this pic, a hat and that's about it. Its HOT there. I feel bad for all those people, they have it this time of year because its usually not quite THIS hot around here this time of year.

Your wild night was almost as exciting as mine - I went to Target and bought Drano.

holly said...

You have NO idea how much like something I'd do this is.