Thursday, April 24, 2008

McDibb's, 135 Cherry Street, Black Mountain, North Carolina

A couple of you might appreciate this postcard that I found on flickr.

McDibb's even has a page on Wikipedia. I knew that David Wilcox played there a lot, but I had no idea that Bela Fleck and The Indigo Girls were also frequent players back in the day.


introverted one said...

Wow, that's great! Ah, the memories. Or alcohol hazed memories, that is. It's really cool looking at the artists that played that month (March '81). Chris Blair is still in Black Mtn. I worked construction for him one winter & have run sound on numerous occasions for him! Such a character.
Sigh . . . I miss that place.

Legs said...

You mentioned Chris Blair. I grew up with him and played in a band in southern West Virginia with him. I also spent some summers in Montreat, Black Mtn. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him. i can't find him on email or FB or elsewhere on the Web. Thank, Chris Anderson

introverted one said...

Hey Chris!

I can give you the last phone number I had for Chris Blair if you'd like. He doesn't mess with technology too much so I'm sure you wouldn't be able to find on the interwebs.

Drop me an email at introvertedone [at] me [dot] com and I'll hook you up.

paco said...

Great card and memories, I am now the owner of the location the Veranda cafe