Sunday, June 22, 2008

Football was made for analogies, right?*

I was talking with my dad today about the workplace and how the economy seems to be affecting things there. We're all feeling it, of course. I ride share as much as I can to get to and from, I bring my lunch/dinner from home (Yay, tuna fish sandwiches!), and I pretty much don't buy anything that the family doesn't need. Sadly, things just continue to get tighter. Tips aren't what they used to be.

There are always those who simply do not tip. "I'll take care of you later," they always say. They never do. But then there are the types who are always good for a five, sometimes more. They are the regular travelers who get it. I'm nice to them and help them out; they're nice to me and they extend the same courtesy in the form of a gratuity. Lately, however, these are the ones who are tipping two bucks where they used to tip five. Fives become twos and sixes become threes. They're just as nice in demeanor but they're tighter in tipping.

Midway through my shift yesterday, I decided that what I'm seeing at work is much like how the Titans tend to play ball. They move down the field, striving for that six-point TD (seven with the PAT), but they all too often settle for that 3-point field goal. I push the cart, carry the luggage, fetch the ice, but when it comes down to it, it's just more Rob Bironas. I'm gracious, I thank the guest for staying here, and I walk away pushing those two bucks down deep into my pocket, thinking, "Well, ain't that another kicker." I guess this is where the other team takes possession of the ball: gas, milk and eggs, etc., their prices just keep rising. My three to their seven. Over and over again.

But that's enough of that analogy for the day.

Thanks for reading my stuff. I always enjoy sharing with you. And speaking of stuff, the best thing I've read all day is by Neil at Citizen of the Month. He's pretty much always awesome.

Oh, and speaking of Titans football, guess who just got busted for DUI? Welcome home, Jevon Kearse.

*Or is it metaphors? Maybe football was made for both analogies and metaphors.

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peach said...

Hang in there Michael! This economy is taking it's toll on all of us. It'll get better. I don't know when, but it will. :)