Saturday, June 28, 2008

Her name is DJ Loli.

So, Opryland has a "Vegas-style" club called Fuse. An employment ad describes it as such:

Fuse at Gaylord Opryland brings the excitement, sexiness and sophistication of Las Vegas to Music City but with the warmth and hospitality that only Nashville can bring. 

I'm skeptical, but then I'm a 38 year-old married guy with kids and not exactly the target audience for this club anyway. Still, while a Vegas-style club featuring Tammy Wynette and George Jones impersonators might have some legs in the Opryland area, it seems to me that Fuse is the kind of club that should really be located in downtown Nashville if it wants to pack in the crowds night after night. Even the Nashville Scene had some fun with it a few months back in The Fabricator, fabricating the rejected slogan, “The hottest club in the Two Rivers/Briley Parkway area!”

Whatever. I wish it well. Tonight, I wish I was there. I wish I was there because disc jockey, producer and model, DJ Loli was there. Who is DJ Loli, you might ask? Some call her one of L.A.'s hottest DJs. Some might have seen her in Maxim magazine. (And on the cover of Maxim Indonesia.) She has DJ'd with Tommy Lee and there's a nice video feature of her on Current TV that you can see here.

I didn't know any of this until this evening when I met her briefly and pretty much forgot my own name. I can only say that I was left somewhat mesmerized and verbally discombobulated. I don't follow DJs and all I really know of them is as follows:

  1. Moby is a DJ who is very rich and famous.

  2. I used to work with a guy named Nick who is a DJ but he's not rich or famous.

I do listen to a few podcasts by DJs but I don't have a critical ear for what I'm hearing. Be it Trance, House, or Electro, I just know that it's weird and cool and doesn't distract me too much when I run. I've just added all of DJ Loli's podcasts to my iPod. All of that Tom Waits and Karita Mattila I've been listening to so much of lately will just have to scoot over a little bit and make some room while I immerse myself however temporarily into this lovely and luminous DJ's creations. What can I say? She's beautiful, cool, and I'm under her spell.

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kate said...

You crack me up

Katie said...

I wanted to go to Fuse, but there's a darn twenty-dollar cover! I refuse to pay this. I don't recall paying that at Layla! Boo.

chez béziat said...

$20? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously comparing Fuse with Layla's????
By the way, if I'm not mistaken, you also get free valet parking! Good luck finding parking anywhere downtown!
I went to Fuse last Sunday for SIN night (free cover for service industry) and it was great. Probably would be better on the weekends with more people, but it is a phoenomenol club! About 10 levels above anything Layla's could have EVER come up with!

chez béziat said...

I don't recall comparing it to any other club, but that's good news about SIN nights for this service industry worker.

I wish I had been able to see DJ Loli when she was there but I'll be sure to check it out whenever I can.

Katie said...

I only compared them because Fuse was opened by the guy who opened Layla, at least, according to the news.

Anonymous said...

If you're under Loli's spell, you'll enjoy these pics, taken before she was a DJ...she once made her living in porn - and she certainly was "luminous"!

She has a TON of pics online...just Google her porn pseudonyms: "Loli Feder" and "Laci Adams"...


Anonymous said...

LOVE Loli Lux.