Monday, July 21, 2008

As Peter Himmelman sings "Gratitude," I blog here.

With no ride-share (read: mooching) options available to me today, I'll turn the key and give the old Honda another go for the first time since last Saturday night as I head to work in an hour or so. Wish me luck. It didn't sound too good on that last ride.

I'm still pondering better paying jobs, but it's easy to feel limited when unsure of the car's ability to get around. I tend to just think of gigs in walking distance. So far, that's a hospital and a library, neither of which are necessarily hiring right now anyway. It's possible that I should worry less about some things and just look for the best job possible, regardless of car concerns. I didn't go to college, but I'm a nice guy, a team player, and eager to learn. Surely there's a $10+/hr. job out there for a guy like me. Colleagues who like to blog and Twitter would be cool, but anything that pays the bills would suffice.

All is well otherwise. I've gone back and "rediscovered"  Peter Himmelman's latest and am playing it over and over again. The inspiration I feel in his words simply amazes me. I'm glad for the music, life, and love that I feel most days. I tend to worry and fret more than I should, but Himmelman's songs always lift me out of those moments of frustration and fear. It can get a whole lot worse than old cars and low-wage jobs. And it can get a whole lot better, too.

Here's to positivity and hope. I'm hanging onto both.

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Kate said...

I hope your ride is a safe and uneventful one. It's good that you have hope, it's an amazing way to keep moving forward day after day. If you can do it with a positive attitude - kudos to you .