Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Dark Knight

I dreamed the other night that I saw The Dark Knight. I'm not sure why. I'm sure it's good, but I haven't seen a Batman movie in a long, long time. Not since Clooney's turn in the suit maybe? I even remember thinking in the dream how weird and cool it was that I was watching it. I'm always so busy and broke that I haven't seen a movie in the theaters since Grindhouse. I sat in my seat just happy to be seeing a movie, any movie, but especially this movie.

While I can't recall just what was going on in the movie as I dreamed it, it seems that I was enjoying it nicely. New Yorker critic David Denby reviews the version that everyone else gets to see here.

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peach said...

Nice shot! Took me a minute to realize the 'batman' building is in the background. :)

chez b├ęziat said...

Thanks. I was hoping for a dream-like foreground. Looks kind of cool, if I do say so myself. :)