Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not Running Away...just practicing.

What I wouldn't give for just a few days of silence. I'm lucky to have what I have and would miss it terribly if separated from it for too long. But a few days of solitude and serenity would be quite welcome.

I've still got that dream of a train trip to the Pacific Northwest rich in my head. (I'd need more than a few days for that one.) Just my iPod, some books, my camera, and lots of time to think. Not much more on the agenda than that. A window seat is all I'd require.

In lieu of a train ticket, I guess I could just hitchhike and see where that takes me. But really it's those thoughts of that train ride that keep stirring in my blood. I listen to too many Tom Waits songs about trains maybe: "Train Song" from Frank's Wild Years, "Down There By The Train" from Orphans, and "Downtown Train" from Rain Dogs are always an iPod's click away for me.

I just like to wander and wonder. I'm a dreamer who may or may not ever contribute much to society in general, but doesn't mind much either way. Meanwhile, the kids are being quiet and cool and I'm enjoying some time to look around flickr and enjoy other people's pictures of their travels.

For instance:

Photo by flickr user, rickpawl. His train shots are grouped together here.



Leesa said...

Sounds awesome.
I would love a scenic train trip with just my ipod and camera :)

chez béziat said...

leesa: Wanna meet halfway?

Anonymous said...

think you get your love of trains
and travel from your mom and your
grandfather. it's truly the best
way in the world to see the sights
and think about them along the way.
my first solo train trip was when i
was 13 and went from st louis to ft
worth. what a great experience that
was. daddy has taken the northwest
trip that you want and he loved it
so much. talk to him about it one of these days.
love - mom

Leesa said...

Absolutely :)

kate said...

I've never done the train thing, and the bus, I cannot recommend.

However, if you ever want to be a passenger on one of my increasingly frequent road trips, the offer is extended.

chez béziat said...

kate: Even a trip to the Waffle House and back could feel like enough of a road trip vacation at times. Sounds cool to me.

chez béziat said...

mom: That's nice to read. I remember seeing so many slides from Pa and Nina's trips over the years. I wonder what condition they're all in these days. It'd be nice to see them again.

Holly said...

Sounds like you have enough offers already, but you're also welcome in my Airstream (when I buy it). Between us, I think our two iPods would cover any musical ground needed. There would be Kerouac and beauty and truth.

P.S. Ryan Adams has a great trains song. It's called "Trains." :P