Sunday, July 06, 2008

Protected and loved.

I come home late each night. In the day I'm a mess, feeling every strain of life. Who am I to my family? To my employer? Will I ever provide for my wife and children in the way that they deserve? There's so much stress that I get lost in my worries and forget to just smile and see how nice things really are. Thankfully, there's always the quiet of night waiting to soothe me, waiting to massage my concerns away. The family sleeps and I relax in my living room. This is when I let go and smile.

Every night, I come home to many rewards. My efforts are appreciated. My family is loved and is safe. Peace and quiet await me in these nocturnal hours. Evidence of their comfort and safety is displayed in ways both obvious and imagined. Georgia, our dog, is always quick to greet me at the door. She can't wait for me to take her out for our nightly walk, confident and proud that I know how perfectly she guarded our home from squirrels and cats in my absence. Also, there is a light by the door that illuminates an image not entirely unlike that of an angel. (Or a dragonfly, depending on where your imagination takes you.) Anyway, I always smile to see it.

I may have my doubts at times as to whether or not anyone's watching over me, but I'm always satisfied to think of my family kept safe by those pictured below.

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peach said...

Have faith that you are being looked after. I truly do believe that. You'll get past these tough times. You've got your family and your friends. And, of course, sweet Georgia, that loves you no matter what!