Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where we're at.

I think we've got just enough to get the transmission fixed. Thanks to everyone for their kind generosity. Paige will call the good people at the auto repair shop today and see when they can get started.

In other news, one friend is loaning me a bicycle and another friend is loaning me a scooter. (Care to guess who the blogging scooter friend is?) I look forward to seeing some of you on the Nashville Greenways and I look forward to seeing some of you on the street.

In other news, we're looking at the feasibility of trading in the van for a brand new Ford Focus. We still owe a good bit on the van, but I get a huge discount on new Fords because of where I work. (A hotel. Go figure.) It'll take my van-and-truck-loving wife some getting used to if she's going to decide on a small car, but the m.p.g. and new car reliability will go a long way in helping her in that regard.

Anyway, thanks for continuing to read this stuff. I know I've been writing so much lately of general woes. Life sometimes rocks and life sometimes sucks and it all gets shared on the blog.

My best,



Holly said...

Just keep on writing, regardless.

And I can vouch for the Ford Focus, having driven one for almost 4 years now. The only real problem I've had is with the odd-sized tires, but I'm chalking that up to my own dumb luck :). (Seriously--three flats in a year, two of which occurred after driving on 21st!) Great mileage, though, and you have to admit it's a cute car :P.

I'm just really glad things are looking up for you guys. In any case, you know you're cared about.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Well hell - life is like that ya know? Ups and downs. I am so glad to hear your got some $$$ for the tranny! Sweet! It would be an adjustment to go from a van to a Focus but it sounds like a good choice! Keep us updated.

Gnightgirl said...

Keep writing! We're reading because we can relate, oh Lord, can we ever relate. I always appreciate your honesty here.

Lynnster said...

I've not been a fan of Ford in a while but the Focus is a good car. My young cousin had one that he would probably still be driving if a girlfriend hadn't wrecked it, and I came real close to buying a Focus when I was looking at cars last year. I drove one several times as a rental and it drives really well. Glad things are looking a little better for you two!

Jeffraham Prestonian said...

Cool, man! Best of luck with all of it!