Friday, July 11, 2008

I'm weary and blessed.

Today was as wonderful as it was difficult.

We had the big time at the pool, but Ari, who cannot swim, went under briefly. She was rescued immediately by someone who happened to be right next to her at the time, but it bothered me that I didn't see it right away. The good news is that after resisting swimming lessons for so long, Ari told me afterward that she would like to learn how to swim. The lesson for me was that it's just too dangerous to take two kids to a pool and try to watch both of them at the same time.

Then, as we were leaving for home, Joshua, full of energy, decided to run as fast as he could, with no regard to our rules of always staying where we can see him. Holding floats, beach bags, and his sister, it was all I could do to catch up with him. Yelling his name as I ran, being both worried and angry, I finally caught sight of him where he was waiting at the stop sign where we always hold hands to cross the street. It was there that he received probably the sternest talking to he's ever received in his life. I doubt he was out of my sight for more than thirty seconds or so, but after Ari's incident at the pool, it may as well have been an hour.

Aside from the above, all is well. We played hard, read good books, and generally just goofed around. For the most part, the siblings got along beautifully. I'm just beat. Sixteen hours ago, I awoke. I've barely had a breather since. Welcome to every day of my wife's day-to-day. I'm not whining, rather I'm bowing down to what it's like to walk in her shoes.

And I'm really, really glad she'll be home tomorrow evening. I can't wait to go back to work where I can relax.

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GingerSnaps said...

Oh you poor thing. There is no worse feeling in the world. Please try not to beat yourself up too hard over either of these incidents, be thankful that everything turned out well, and keep thinking of those blessings!!! You are a GREAT dad!

chez b├ęziat said...

Thanks. I'm not beating myself up about it. Just hated that moment in the pool and glad all is well.

I just can't wait for some adult help to return home.

kate said...

I'm sorry you had those scares today. I still haven't recovered from a moment like that recently, and that child wasn't even mine.

I hope you can relax a little when the ratios of adults is increased.

Kathy T. said...

I got an email tonight from our Girl Scout service unit manager. One of the senior girls is giving free swimming lesson to earn her gold award. Are you interested? Email me at kathy dot tyson at comcast dot net if yes and I'll get the info to you.