Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Richard Randazzo, New York's new Mr. Lucky

I love this story of New York doorman Richard Randazzo, who won $5 million in the New York Lotto. I'm pretty sure that if I won that much money all at once, I'd give my bosses a quick two-week-notice and be on my way to doing whatever I want for a long time. Not him though. Not in New York. He wants to buy an apartment in the building where he works but the only one available right now is selling for $10M. So he's keeping his job since the prize is only taking him halfway toward his goal. As the New York Post noted, he's "a millionaire who opens the door and hails taxis for millionaires."

There's just something about that doorman's dumb luck that appeals to this doorman/bellman/shuttle driver. Of course, things are taking typical turns at his workplace. Coworkers are saying that he's not showing up for shifts like he should and he retorts by saying that they're just jealous. He contends that he's a loyal and dedicated employee, replying to charges from his boss that he spends too much time outside and is wearing short-sleeves when the uniform requires long-sleeves. Randazzo called off recently due to a "pressing matter that required his attention," but was spotted later that day playing blackjack at the Taj Majal with his new Swedish model girlfriend.

Nothing wrong with that. Resign, get fired, enjoy the money while it lasts. I know I would.

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The Old Man and His Dog said...

How'd you ever end up a Doorman/bellman/shuttle driver?

darlene said...

Richie Randazzo i saw you on Fox News, very very funny guy. Do you have a website?