Wednesday, July 09, 2008

When 140 characters just aren't enough.

I approach the blog nowadays with a head full of nothing. If a blog to me is really just about connecting with a certain circle of friends, then Twitter has been taking care of that need lately. I type out my limited little thought of the moment on my phone, send it out, and I'm a part of whatever in the world all of this social media stuff is about. Even if there's drudgery at the workplace, there's connection via 140-characters or less.

The blog, however, ain't what it was. Maybe that's a good thing, too. It does cut down on my whining (read: processing) about money. Newsweek has one of those "blogging is good for ya" articles in the June 30 issue. It's nothing profound, and just touches on how writing is therapeutic enough in diary form, but the built-in audience that comes with blogging takes it to that human touch. (Newsweek also has a nice article about Twitter specifically.

Anyway, I should have more time to spend on the blog over the next few days. Paige is out of town and I am staying home with the kids. I hope we have more fun tomorrow than we have so far today. I got a woefully inadequate three hours of sleep last night and it's been all I can do to deal with the 5-year-old's tendency to be loud and aggressive. Typically, I turn my head for just a moment, his 3-year-old sister begins to cry, and he immediately proclaims, "I did nothing!"

The joys of parenting, huh? I just deal the best that I can and hope the rain passes soon so that I can take them outside to the playground. As I type this, the thunder continues to rumble. Inside we remain, and for the time being, Winnie-the-Pooh plays on the television and I'm grateful for this bit of silence from the two kiddos.

Enjoy your day.

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