Monday, July 21, 2008

I've seen the future and it will be.

All you bloggers blogging about The Dark Knight. I love you all. However, I've got neither the cash nor the time to see it for myself.

That's cool though. I'll see it soon enough.

For now, I'll just sit on my couch in the dark, sipping Guinness from a frosty mug and listening to the Batman soundtrack from 1989.


Me. All dressed up, a silhouette in the window.

Funky, funky.


jane q. public said...

I kind of love Prince's Batman soundtrack a little bit ... ok, a lot.

LeBlanc said...

I haven't seen the last Batman movie never mind this new one so I am with you. The Guinness was a nice touch if not bordering on cruel as I have none. :(

Sharon Cobb said...

I did go see 'Gonzo.' Check out the review at my place. That's the one worth seeing when you get the $.

And it's a good excuse to get you to stop by! You haven't visited in months...or at least posted!

Hope to see you soon and all is well.