Monday, July 28, 2008

It's my blog and I'll vent if I want to.

My dad lost his phone. I gave him my phone. My wife gave me her old phone since she recently upgraded to a BlackJack II. Now the phone she gave me keeps conking out on me. It just freezes up any old time and it's all I can do not to slam it against a tree. My old phone worked fine. This is what I get for being nice, huh? Lesson learned.

I can't find my camera bag. No worries. The camera isn't in it. I did have around six rechargeable batteries in it though. This frustrates me more than an estimated $20 loss should.

The rest of the stuff is too tedious and oft documented to go into. Basic stuff. We're broke. The cars aren't much better. Transmission still sucks in the van after following the advice of the car guy and dropping $500 on the fix he recommended. My car is making a noise that I can't quite explain. It's not in the engine. It sounds more axle-related? Ugh.

And folks aren't tipping at work like they used to. (Says me. Says AP.) Life's more expensive and my income is less than it used to be. Blah, blah, blah.

Anyone got a happy pill?


kateanon said...

If I find one, I'll split it with you...

jonathan hickman said...

Concerning the axle ... does it make a loud repetitive popping/cracking (whatever you want to call it) noise when you turn the wheel?

'cause that's what mine is doing, and that means the axle is on its last legs. I'm trying not to think about how dangerous it might be.

chez b├ęziat said...

kateanon: Deal.

jonathan: Um, yeah, that's kinda the sound. I was afraid of that. Yikes. I'm only guessing about what it might be.

jonathan hickman said...

Well, like I said, that's what mine does and that's what it is. In my car, it's just the right front axle that needs replacing, and I had it priced at about $600, I think.

It's pretty dangerous, man. Chances are you're fine for a while, but at some point your wheel will pretty much fall off.

With that said, I've had that problem for at least a year now. I'm trying to get rid of the car instead of fix it.

Patriarchal Pops said...

Is it possible that your old camera bag fell into the now-cranky engine of your old van..?

--Click & Clack/ Green Hills Division