Thursday, July 31, 2008

You're really lucky if you know about AT&T Blue Room*

*And now you do.

I'm pretty lucky, too. AT&T Blue Room is once again bringing Lollapalooza to the Internet for anyone who is interested in watching.

While I do have to work Friday night, I've got the rest of the weekend off. My lovely wife can read the below schedule and make note of certain blocks of time indicating my extreme interest in exercising sole ownership of the laptop.

Have fun and enjoy some free music. I do love The Blue Room.

A question for my readers:

Are there any bands I haven't placed an asterisk next to that I really must hear? Watching the brilliant mayhem that is Gogol Bordello at Coachella earlier this year made me a fan of theirs. Surely, there are some here who I'm not already familiar with who will knock me out.

All times are E.T.

Friday, August 1st:
01:15 PM Holy F*ck
02:15 PM Rogue Wave
03:15 PM Yeasayer
04:15 PM The Kills
*05:15 PM Gogol Bordello
06:15 PM Mates of State
07:15 PM Bloc Party
08:15 PM Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
*09:00 PM The Raconteurs

Saturday, August 2nd:
01:15 PM Margot & the Nuclear So So’s
*01:45 PM The Ting Tings
02:30 PM Dr. Dog
03:30 PM The Gutter Twins
*04:30 PM The Go! Team
*05:30 PM Duffy
06:30 PM Jamie Lidell
07:30 PM DeVotchka
08:30 PM Explosions in the Sky
09:30 PM Broken Social Scene
*10:30 PM Wilco

Sunday, August 3rd:
01:15 PM Kid Sister
02:15 PM The Whigs
03:15 PM Office
04:15 PM Chromeo
*05:15 PM G Love & Special Sauce
*06:15 PM Blues Traveler
*07:15 PM John Butler Trio
08:15 PM Flogging Molly
*09:15 PM Love and Rockets
10:15 PM The National


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Flogging Molly and Blues Traveler on the same day. I know what I'm watching Sunday.

chez b├ęziat said...

Oooh, Flogging Molly sounds great. I had only heard of them until now. This is likely the band that will get me the most when I tune in.

Holly said...


You hit all the ones I would have. I've also heard good things about Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, DeVotchka, and The National, though I haven't heard enough to judge for myself on any of them.

Thanks for the heads-up :). Oh, and nice new design. Reminds me of something...;).