Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chicks dig dudes on scooters, right?

Tuesday morning, weather permitting, I will attempt to learn how to operate a scooter.

Don't worry, Ma. I promise to always wear a helmet.

Full report upon request.


newtondominey said...

as a dude with a chick who digs on scooters, and a hopeful scooter owner, i'd LOVE to know how your class goes.

Anonymous said...

you'll do just fine - i've got great faith in you! besides - your
grandfather used to ride a scooter
when we lived in the philippines
all the time and he came out okay.
think he had a vespa; you'll have
to ask him about it sometime. know
he used to give us all rides on it
at times - it was a blast!
love - mom

Daddy-O said...

So what's the verdict? How did it go?

chez b├ęziat said...

It went well. I'm no natural, but I had fun and didn't wreck at all. (Only two close calls! One with a garbage truck.)

Driving home in my car, I could tell how much better a driver I was as a result of my time on the scooter. It made me much more observant and aware of my surroundings.

I want one. :)

peach said...

Is the Honda on the fritz?

Sharon Collie said...

Mista Bez...

Speaking as a chick, you would look good with a pith helmet on or any other sorta headgear. HAR.

Andrea said...

what kind of scooter did you get to ride?

and yes, chicks dig scooters. and scars.