Monday, August 25, 2008

Careful Where You Step

All I do is walk these days. Almost nine miles to and from my mom's house a week or so ago. Three miles home from work the other night. Four and a half miles yesterday to and from the employee picnic at Nashville Shores. I'd like to get back to increasing my carbon footprint, please.

Running across the dam the other night, I twisted or turned my ankle a bit. It was a minor injury but I had two thoughts about it. First, I had that "woe is me" moment. (All this vehicular stuff and now my damn foot?! I can't win.) Then I thought that at least it's cheaper to fix a foot than a car. Anything that happens to my car tends to cost $300 or more to fix, but because of my excellent health insurance all I'd be out is a $20-50 co-pay if I limped my injured self to the hospital. (Well, as I write that I guess I have to factor in the monthly cost for healthcare that comes out of my paycheck, so maybe my point is moot.)

Anyway, I kind of like the picture and figured I'd write something down as an excuse to share it.

Have a nice day.

(My boss is giving me a ride to work today. Yay!)

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