Friday, August 29, 2008

Feel Good Friday

Courtesy of my French heritage, here's Serge avec Jane Birkin singing "Elisa."

While I have your attention (or do I?), I'm curious to know how folks come to the blog. Is it through Google Reader, some other feed reader, or do you just keep me in a folder and visit when the mood hits? I'll put up a little poll in the sidebar, but feel free to just answer in the comments.

There's no grand marketing strategy behind this. I'm just curious.

Thanks. Or, as Serge would say, merci beaucoup.


introverted one said...

My browser of choice (both at home and at work) is Flock. Which shows me when my RSS feeds are updated. That's how I come to visit.

peach said...

I honestly don't remember how I found you. Maybe through Linda's blog? Anyway, you are on my roll call now, so I visit anytime my laptop is on. Does that help?

Southern Beale said...

Today I came to you through the blogroll at My Beautiful Wickedness, but of course I know who you are through Tiny Cat Pants, Coyote Chronicles and other local blogs. I've been here before through other means, can't remember.

You can get Sitemeter for free and it will tell you all sorts of things about how people came to your blog, what Google search terms they used, how long they stayed, what they looked at while they were here, where they're from (you'd be surprised at how many international people visit your blog), etc. It's lots of fun!

Bridgett said...

You're one of the Nashville bloggers who I came to know through TCP and elsewhere. I usually try to run down the people on my blogroll at least a couple of times a week.

LeBlanc said...

I read just about all blogs through my Google Feed Reader, your included.