Saturday, August 23, 2008

My car woes solved with a wrap?

I loved seeing the Janet's Planet car the other day. I'd be happy to let any company wrap my Honda station wagon in advertising in exchange for the cost of its repair. Or I can just drive someone else's company car. There are a multitude of companies that advertise online selling lists of companies to interested parties. Being that I'm naturally skeptical of most opportunities, I'll just share my love for the idea here and let the big corporations come to me.

While I'm the type of guy who likes NPT, NPR, and its like, I'm not averse to advertising anything that keeps me from having to walk everywhere I go. Beer companies, strip clubs, tobacco products? I like two of those three anyway.

Those little Red Bull trucks are pretty cool.
I'd even drive the Oscar Meyer car if they did that sort of thing. Although I'm not so sure about its gas mileage.

Anyway, I'm just half brainstorming, half being silly. There's a Budweiser scooter I saw the other day that I entered to win. Wish me luck on that one.

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duff said...

the weinermobile looks relatively aerodynamic....i'm sure it gets better mileage than, say, a hummer.