Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How I Write

Someone recently shared a photo of his handwriting on his blog. (I forget who, otherwise I would link to him.) We so rarely write anything now it seems. I used to write pretty nicely in cursive. Now it's all block letters for me when I have to jot something down.

Regarding the photo above, it's a list of items that I have recently checked out from the library. Half of them have already been returned, but one item is lost forever. When I got the news about the cost of the new transmission for the van, I placed my copy of The Gulag Archipelago on its roof while I made a call to my mom. I even glanced at it a few minutes into the call and made note not to forget it. I forgot it. It probably fell off somewhere between Hwy. 96 and I-65. I hope its finder appreciates it. I was about twelve pages in and absolutely riveted. The library's gonna want some cash for that little mistake.

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LeBlanc said...

I am the perpetrator:
Why can't I be lucky enough to find free books?