Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thinking aloud, "blogging it out."

The part (the transmission) is ready at Darrell Waltrip Honda. It's typically a two-day job for install.

Tomorrow I'll drive the family to school in the van, then drive the van to the dealer so they can put in the new transmission. While in Franklin, I'll walk over to the hospital and see my mom. That's all I've got worked out. I'll need to get back home to Hermitage somehow.

The following morning, I will need to get the family to school again. (In my busted old Honda whose suspension I'm not trusting right now? I don't think so.) Maybe I can rent a car in Franklin, but I don't know if my credit card has enough room on it for the authorization. Maybe I can borrow my mom's car, but I don't know who to ask or how I'd come across asking.

Anyway, if all goes as it should, the van should have a brand new transmission with a 3-year warranty by Thursday afternoon.

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jane q. public said...

I feel your pain. My car keeps stalling out when idling - usually in the middle of busy intersections - and then taking it's sweet time to restart, so I've got to take it somewhere later this week. How I'll pay for it is a giant mystery.