Thursday, August 21, 2008

Neuron? Neuroff.

My brain is a decent brain. It's not brilliant, but it's not dumb either. Those first few minutes when I wake up from a hard, interrupted sleep, however...

I'm calling my sister at 10 a.m. today to make plans for lunch. So before getting Sleep Part II at 7:30 this morning, I set my alarm clock for that time. My wife keeps it set an hour ahead so I actually set it for 11:00 which means 10:00. I wake up on my own at 9:00, I look at the clock and it reads 10:00 and I have to do and redo a lot of math in my head before I confirm that this doesn't really mean that it's 11:00 and I really havn't overslept by an hour.

Also, I dreamed that I was using Google Image Search to find pictures of a Target store. I was frustrated because it just kept bringing back YouTube videos of people shopping at Target.

Thanks for reading my nonsense.


Holly said...

Last night, I dreamed I found an apartment to rent in East Nashville. It had a spiral staircase and a jillion rooms and a mini-putt-putt course on the balcony. It was $850 a month. From the outside, though, it looked like a cheap motel, and some redneck stepped out of the next apartment over to let me know that, when they were cleaning up after the last resident, they found a possum.

I decided not to rent it. I do not know what this means for my real-life apartment search--don't rent in East Nashville?

Leesa said...

Ok..the clock thing would totally keep me messed up. It's like shopping in Idaho and living in MT. The hour difference always has me at stores too early :)

And.. why is the clock set an hour ahead?