Friday, August 01, 2008

We Hold On

Thank goodness this weekend is Tennessee's 2008 Sales Tax Holiday. I might be able to save some pennies when buying an anniversary card for my beautiful wife. This Sunday will make it six years she's been my bride.

We're broke but very much in love. Just like romantic characters in a good Bon Jovi song. Or in a Tom Waits song. It depends on which of us is in control of the stereo.

"Hold On"
Tom Waits

She closed her eyes and started swaying
But it's so hard to dance that way
When it's cold and there's no music
Oh, your old hometown's so far away
But inside your head there's a record that's playing

A song called 'Hold On', hold on
Babe, you gotta hold on
Take my hand, I'm standing right there
You gotta hold on


Holly said...

Actually, it's supposed to go "we gotta hold on to what we got/it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not..."


Happy anniversary. I envy and commend you.

peach said...

Congratulations to you both!! I wish you many more very happy years together! I hope you get to do something fun and special on Sunday.

paige said...

Holly, you are sooooo right!!! Heehee!!

kate said...

Congratulations to both of you on six years - may you have many happy years ahead of you.

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Congrats to you two. Many more!