Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I've posted it once and I'll post it again.

Forget about the local pretty boy from 1986 that all of the ladies are fawning over. I was the real deal. Never mind that I didn't then (and still don't) know how to play a musical instrument. I had street cred!

And my dad paid good money to the amusement park guy who took this photo for the faux Rolling Stone cover.


peach said...

Did you do this when you worked at O'land? :)

Anonymous said...

that could only be awesomer if you were walking around the park like that didn't actually have to get that tie and coat from the carny

Anonymous said...

LOL! Look at you sportin' the skinny tie and barely there 'stache!

At least you're not wearing make-up!


Lynnster said...

Ha! That's priceless.