Saturday, August 23, 2008

Insert Clever "Walking" Title Here

It finally happened. I knew it was a matter of time and tonight was the night. Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire once famously said, "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." Well, I have recently depended on the kindness (and availability) of co-workers while my car has been on the mend. I call it ridesharing. I call it "reducing my carbon footprint." But it can also be called being broke, desperate, and very appreciative of friends giving me rides to and from work.

Tonight, no ride was available to me and so I walked home after clocking out at 11 p.m. Of course, people being people, I was honked at and ridiculed by jerks in cars within my first half mile. I lucked out and was seen by a co-worker pretty early into my late night walk. He offered me a ride and I happily accepted. What I thought was to be a ride all the way home turned out to be just a ride as far as he was going. Always the appreciative one, I thanked him for the distance he saved me from walking and forged on ahead on foot. What I didn't know was just how helpful he was. My workplace is 6.3 miles from home and the distance he drove me was just over half that length. (And probably the darkest part to walk.)

I walked a total of three miles tonight and it took me maybe an hour. Not bad considering the backpack on my shoulders, the dark ground at my feet, and my frequent stopping to check and send Twitter updates on my phone. (Geek!)

Some Twitter highlights:
"Got a ride. Cool."
"Partial ride. Maybe 3 miles of walking to go."
"Why people gotta honk at people who walk?"
"Ha Ha. Your beer can missed me."
People in cars can be jerks to people on foot. I'm just glad to be home, safe and sound. I've got Bellini on the opera channel, a Rogue Mocha Porter in a frosty mug, and a nice, warm laptop on the top of my lap.

If you're reading this, thanks for reading this.


newton said...

it doesn't matter if you're on foot or on a bike, there's something that brings out the idiot in people when they see you. i'm learning to channel my inner ghandi rather than throwing a water bottle back or using my "1-gun salute" to return the favor of not getting enough room when passing or the honked horns.

turns out they're not so tough when they're sitting next to you at the traffic light and you're asking them why they did it...

monstermash said...

Patsy Cline had a song "Walkin' After Midnight" that seems appropriate.

chez b├ęziat said...

monstermash: Perfect! I can't believe I didn't think of that one.

Melissa said...

I'm sorry that life is proving difficult for you. I'm still routing for you and yours.