Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fox News reports what I've been saying.

Remember my recent post about how the $5 tips are now more often merely $2 tips? Here's a Fox News story that caught my eye.

As Consumers Get Squeezed, Tips Get Smaller

CINCINNATI--At the Corner Pub on Cincinnati’s west side, bartender Melissa Metz can count the cost of the economic hangover in the stack of bills she has at the end of a shift.

Those tips make up the majority of her income, but they’ve been dwindling for months amid rising gas prices and other economic woes. Right now, her weekly income from tips is down about 25%.

“Some people are coming in less and maybe not staying as long when they do come in,” Metz said. “And normal customers who would normally tip $5 are tipping about $2 now.

Read the rest of the article here.


kate said...

I've heard it from everyone I know who relies on tips. I think the worst part is that people think they can save by not tipping or reducing the tip as if it's only saving them money & not influencing anyone else.

Makes me feel the need to overinflate my amount when I can and it's deserved.

Lesley said...

That is just eerie.

Lynnster said...

I can see that happening, although I don't think those of us who are conscientious about tips will change our ways. No matter how bad things get I will never not tip less than 20% at a restaurant unless I have poor service. I've been known to tip 80-100% before for excellent service.

That said though - I have a theory that most people who are super conscientious about tipping are people who've worked for tips before (like me) or people who had a daughter or son who worked for tips (like my mom).