Sunday, September 24, 2006

Closed Captioning, Apropos of a Typical Vandy Football Game

Last night, Vanderbilt defeated TSU. Good for them. They got a win. And that contradicts my following observation.

Last week, the Vanderbilt Commodores were 0-1 and were about to attempt a soon to be futile game winning field goal kick in the last minute as they hosted the hot Arkansas Razorbacks. I was at work and was unable to watch the game in its entirety. However, I did walk past a television during that closing minute and stopped to see the dramatic ending. The volume was up as was the closed captioning. As the words are quickly typed on the screen, it's always fun to watch the wealth of frenzied typos. But this time, I saw a typo that was quite appropriate and relevant to our loved, but hapless Commodores.

The announcer was describing the weather as the kicker was preparing to give the Commodores their first win of the season. "There is no wind to speak of at Vanderbilt Stadium," he said. Closed captioning, however, told a different story. "THERE IS NO WIN TO SPEAK OF AT VANDERBILT STADIUM."

Indeed, that was a true statement. The kick was just a few feet short and the 'Dores ended the game 0-2 on the year and winless at Vanderbilt Stadium. Oh well, I'll always love my Vanderbilt Commodores.

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