Friday, September 22, 2006

Greenway My Way To Better Health

As I gaze downward in my shower and wonder just how long it'll be until someone asks me, "When's that baby due?," I make a note to myself to get a bit more active outside and leave the bag of chips in the pantry unopened.

Luckily, I live less than a mile from one of Nashville's many Greenways. With my newly purchased iPod and the entire Verve Remixed collection well represented on it, I should be able to get some good distance achieved. Weather permitting, I'll bring the family in tow Saturday morning to the Stones River Greenway at Percy Priest (.pdf) for a healthy bit of together time. As for mornings when they are at school and I am by myself, I'll pick a Greenway, pick up the pace, and work toward a goal of participating in the next organized 5K run I see.

Because it just comes down to one thing. As Kevin Spacey's Lester Burnham said in American Beauty, "I want to look good naked."


Leesa said...

Don't we all ;)
Great music choices!

Anonymous said...

Oh MB,

I really LOOOVE Verve - have them all!!

Good luck out there hitting it on the Greenways - I do the same here in Atlanta but always a three mile run around one of our parks called Chastain. I love to see families walking, people golfing, football, soccer and runners. Reminds me that I am not alone!