Thursday, September 07, 2006

Elton John, Back To Being Good?

I love early Elton John. I hate late 80s and beyond Elton John.

This story makes me think that his new album is worth a spin.

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gnightgirl said...

Your blog hasn't been updating on my bloglines! I came around to see if you are still alive, and I seem I'm days and days behind!

And I can't see the right margin of what I'm typing, how nervewracking!

Anyway. My son, my girlfriend, and I were the first 3 people in line to get EJ tickets about 7 years ago; we camped out at The Assembly Hall, (look it up, Champaign, IL, it's a cool building) spent the night on the sidewalk, and were interviewed on television. A fun night, and a good concert, in the end.