Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Arrested Development On Parole

I found thirty minutes of bravery and finally submitted the resume to the dream job.

That felt good.

But the months upon months it took for me to do this is quite embarrassing. Nonetheless, "whatever is past is prologue to this." It's time to be better and earn more money while having more fun and feeling less stress.

Wish me luck. Now they just have to call me.


Momo said...

Good luck! Hope you get it!

Ash & Alex said...

Good luck! keep us posted!

newscoma said...

Good Luck to you.
You've already won because you got over the first hurdle.

Anonymous said...

We tend to feel unsafe outside of our comfort zone. When we're in a job for such a long time, we get VERY comfy & feel like we can't possibly start something new. This is exactly how I felt when I applied to the job where I'm at now. I was nearly palpitating when I realized I wanted to leave. But it's ok... you are doing something to better yourself. And you are doing something you WANT to do. Remember, you can ALWAYS decline a job if you don't feel comfy with it. But you can't decline something you don't get offered. So apply away! And best wishes on a new job venture!


Muffy said...

Good luck good luck good luck!!!!

Finally getting to meet with my contact over at my dream company on Friday...... I hope it goes well for me and I hope it goes REALLY well for you!!!!!