Saturday, September 30, 2006

Every Damn Year

For the first baseball season in years, I resisted the urge to root failingly for my Cincinnati Reds. In recent years, I have begun the season with intentions of not even paying attention to them. But then something happens and they get on a winning streak. I start to notice. I begin to check their standings in the newspaper. And then I start looking for their games on TV. And before long, I am a watchful fan again.

They always get my hopes up, and then fall short - sometimes way short. And I am reminded of why I tried so hard to do anything but watch baseball at season's beginning.

Anyway, the 2006 season is almost at a close and I made it the whole way without getting sucked into false hope for a Cincinnati Reds post season.

Wait. They still might make it? A few games left and they are still in the hunt?

Go Reds!


[Edit to add: Eleven hours after this post, the Cincinnati Reds are eliminated from playoff contention. That didn't take long.]

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