Saturday, September 02, 2006

What To Do In Nashville, Tennessee Today?

With respect to those I love, who are not here this weekend, I have an entire Saturday of zero obligations and am thrilled at the opportunities before me. But what to do?

I could take my dog to the Shelby Dog Park and socialize with other dog lovers as she socializes with other dog lovers' dogs.

I could catch Reservoir Dogs at the Belcourt Theatre. I may catch Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man tomorrow.

I hear that David Sanborn is playing at the Music City Jazz, Blues and Heritage Festival at Riverfront Park tonight at 6:00. But tonight, I'll be catching the Gore Gore Girls at The Basement. Jazz loses to rock tonight.

A friend saw a t-shirt and thought of me. The shirt read, "No One Cares About Your Blog." I love that.


mardenhill said...

Like the new blog layout, I am still on the fence with going all the way. I like my current template but I am unable to successfully copy it into the beta version. Good to know there are others out there in the same boat as me with the whole Blogger upgrade. Btw, the t-shirt sounds cool, I hear that from my friends all the time.

Gore Gore Girls are good, they are one of the local bands from my town. The best local band from Detroit are the Sights, check them out if you ever get a chance.


Milla said...

I should have bought that t-shirt... :D But wait, I'm reading your blog right now, does that mean that someone cares about your blog after all...? :P