Thursday, September 07, 2006

I've Got Goosbumps For The NFL

NFL Kickoff Weekend is upon us and I am giddy.

Rich Eisen is in Pittsburgh introducing past Steeler greats. I have no love for the Steelers but I've got chills watching these Super Bowl players of days gone by receiving standing ovations from the proud and loyal fans of the Steel City.

The offseason was long and absent of fun. The preseason was, as always, too much hype for too little importance. But here it is, Thursday night on NBC, September 7, 2006, and The Star-Spangled Banner is being sung by Martina McBride, signifying that the long and hard wait for NFL fans is now over.

Are you ready? The greatest sport is back. I couldn't be happier.


greekchickie said...

I did too! Goosebumps with that opening ceremony!


Muffy said...

EEEEE! Goosebumpily giddy in my camp too!!!!! Being the girly girl I am, I'm also already planning what to wear to the game on Sunday.

Can't wait to see Kerry Collins do his work and see how Young fares if he plays.