Wednesday, January 17, 2007


My one day off that was all my own this week. I was going to go have lunch with my sister in the Vandy area and stroll about the Hillsboro Village area and downtown with camera in hand. Great pictures were to be taken, I'm sure.

But last night, I get a text from my beautiful wife:
Sick kid. Joshua threw up.
Great. He'll have to stay home from daycare, thus canceling my plans of bonding with sis and wandering about my city. No problem. Comes with the territory. Happy to help.

Of course, the kid has no fever. He feels great and we've been hanging around the house putting together puzzles and fighting with lightsabers. I'm starting to think he was faking the whole thing.

There must have been a test at daycare today that he wasn't prepared for. Silly faker.

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Milla said...

..or he wanted to stay home and hang out with Dad... ;)