Saturday, January 13, 2007

This Really Feels Like The Super Bowl For Me

I knew I was excited for this game between the Colts and the Ravens, but didn't know I was this excited.

Seeing a packed M & T Stadium crowd cheer for former Titan Steve McNair is just thrilling. I'm freaking giddy.

(I'm supposed to be doing my part by wearing my McNair jersey while watching the game. It's in my locker at work. Dang.)

[Edit to add: The jersey is not in my locker after all. It's in the washing machine. Had I known, I would have worn it dirty.]

6:20 P.M. - With only six minutes left in this ballgame, it is really feeling like the Titans/Rams Super Bowl matchup from the '99 season. McNair's Ravens are down by six and have held the high scoring Colts to only four field goals so far. They are doing all that they can to get some more points on the board, but you can't help but feel that Manning, like Warner in that Super Bowl before, will finally make that one big throw in the final minutes when it counts the most.

The drama continues...

6:35 P.M. - Seconds left and the Colts prevail, 15-6, an exciting game of only field goals. Congrats to the team that I was not rooting for. Whatever. My Steve McNair jersey is dry now.

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