Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy "I Have To Say I Love You" Day Is Coming Up

USA Today's Pop Candy asks how you intend to impress your love this Valentine's Day.

Can you beat Lloyd Dobler's boom-box scene?

It's hard to believe Valentine's Day is coming up in a couple weeks -- maybe that's partly because several Christmas trees still linger by the curb on my street. In any case, USA TODAY has just launched a search for readers' romantic gestures, and I figured some of you may want to contribute.

Me? I once took my love to a Chuck Klosterman book reading. (Wait. That might have been for our anniversary. Still...) This year's plans are still unknown but I hope that I can raise the bar a bit for once.

I've never been one to embrace the whole idea of showing my love with cards and flowers just because it happens to be February 14th. My Finnish friend says that in her country, the day is approached more as a day to celebrate friendships than romance. I like that idea a lot.

I'd rather be the American romantic who brings home cards and flowers at random times throughout the year. Sweet nothings whispered based on nothing more than the urge to bring a smile to my love's face seems much preferred to doing it because it is the day that everyone else does it. But that said, it's been a long time since I have brought home a card or a flower for no good reason. Life has been busy and exhausting lately and my lovely wife deserves a big show this year. Broke or not, this year had better be good.

I wonder if Chuck Klosterman will be in the area?


john h said...

I've never come close to Lloyd Dobler's boom-box move, but I gotta think it's the reigning champion.

Nice post, Michael.

CHEZ BEZ said...

Thanks, John.

Come to think of it, I did spring for Bon Jovi tix for two recent Valentine's Day celebrations. So, I might be doing better than previously thought.