Sunday, January 21, 2007

Super Bowl XLI: UT vs. Florida

At least that's how I imagine it will be seen by some of the die-hard SEC football fans around these parts. Chicago's Bears will be led by former Gator Rex Grossman and Peyton Manning of UT fame is under center for the Indianapolis Colts as they face off in this year's Super Bowl. Heck, Vandy's shining star Jay Cutler didn't miss the playoffs by much in Denver.

I heard an announcer tonight refer to Indianapolis as "circle city." I had never heard that before. I wondered briefly if it was because of the race track at the famous Indy 500, but then it would have to be called "oval city" I guess. Well, I looked it up. The answer is kind of boring. It would have been better kept as a mystery. IndyScribe has the facts:
Indy is called the "Circle City" because the original design of Indianapolis was created in 1821 by surveyor Alexander Ralston, who was strongly influenced by the design of the nation's capital. At the center of a Mile Square plat, Ralston placed a circle — originallycalled the "Governor's Circle" because the governor's mansion was intended to reside there. In 1902, when the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument was placed on the circle, it became known as Monument Circle, and has become a symbol for the Hoosier capital.

For the record, I don't really care who wins. I'm out of favorite NFL teams in the playoffs.
  • My hometown Titans? Out.
  • My dad's Bengals? Out.
  • McNair's Ravens? Out.
  • Cutler's Broncos? Out.
I might lean a bit toward the Colts for two reasons.
  1. Coach Dungy has only ever been the classiest and nicest coach. Tampa Bay was wrong to let him go and I'd like to see him finally get a Super Bowl ring. Especially since this time last year he was contemplating retiring.
  2. I have no love for Peyton Manning, but I tire of the whole "Peyton can't win the big game" argument. Sure, he's the signal caller and all, but so much goes into winning a game that goes beyond his own personal skills. People drop passes and people fail to run for first downs. Sometimes it's weaknesses in defense that even the best offense can't overcome. Whatever. But a win would kill that talk once and for all. And wouldn't that be nice?

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