Friday, January 12, 2007

Updates on the Reported Misery

All is well here. (Wow! Big change from title to first sentence, huh?)

The No Go Car was towed to a dealership where I once worked and the damage was much less significant than previously suspected. Alternator is fine. Fuel pump is fine. Just a battery cable gone bad. To the tune of $80 plus labor mind you, but any trip to the dealership that only sets me back a C-note is good enough for me.

We'll pick up the car today but not before taking this blogger to the headache doctor. I'm hoping that he does more than prescribe some really strong Excedrin. I want to really get to this pain and let it know that it's not welcome in my noggin. As far as doctors go, I really like this guy. It's been reported that most doctors can only afford to spend about 12 minutes with each patient. So it's just some quick questions, a prescription scribbled out, and off they go. The first time I made an appointment with him, I kept that tidbit in mind and timed my visit. He was very interested in what I had to say and asked me a lot of questions. Many times during my exam, I wrongly guessed that he was wrapping up and on his way out, but he would ruminate on topics related to my concerns and was totally engaged in me as his patient.

Anyway, I look forward to checking my head and retrieving my car today. I don't go back to work until Monday so I will have ample opportunity to bond with the crumb-snatchers at home this weekend. Here's hoping for nice weather. We need some outdoors time for a change.

Before I go, a quick public thank you to my ride to and from work yesterday. I usually drive her home from work so she was happy to return the favor and be my ride when I needed one. Except she doesn't own a car and was driving a friend's car while that friend was out of town. And she doesn't like to drive so even though she came over to pick me up, I was the one doing the driving. So I'm not sure technically if I can call her my ride. She was more my car-bringer-over. Regardless, I'm grateful to my favorite Finn for her friendship and support.

Out the door.


Melissa said...

I have headaches weekly, if not daily. You can consider yourself a lucky bastard. lol. Maybe I should have it checked out, but I always just blame the long thick hair I choose to have. I suppose it could be something else though. Anyways, I hope yours gets taken care of.

CHEZ BEZ said...

Thanks and I wish you well with your daily pain. Ugh.

We're chalking it up to migraines and I walked out with some free samples to try to deal with it. It's a process. ;)

Thanks for checking in.

Milla said...

You're welcome, anything I can do to help. :)

Lynnster said...

Yay Finn!

And that is awesome that it turned out to be an $80 job! I wish I had been so lucky in December, unfortunately I was over $1000 less lucky. :(

Hope your headaches get better as well!

CHEZ BEZ said...

Thanks Lynnster. It's always nice to see you.

And don't ever visit Nashville without looking me up.

greekchickie said...

For a time, I had more migraines than I could handle. Now, they aren't so frequent, but I still get them. When I was at my worst, my doctor prescribed Topomax. It's basically a medicine that they use for anti-seizures. Supposedly, when you have a migraine, the same effects happen in your brain that would happen to someone having a seizure. Topomax really helped me. I hope your doc suggests it.

Good luck ~ they surely are NO FUN!