Wednesday, January 31, 2007

She's Two, What To Do?

My littlest has just doubled her age. She's as cute as ever and quite the smart little cookie. No longer does her big brother run the house without challenge. She may be smaller, but she holds her ground now. Her mother and I have loved watching her find her personality.

But how to celebrate her big birthday today? Nashville must have some fun things going on that she might enjoy. The Nashville Chamber Singers are holding auditions today. We could try out.

PETA is staging a naked protest downtown at lunchtime. We'll probably skip that though.

Einstein is a Dummy is performed today and The Wooten Brothers play tonight (maybe I'll teach her to sing "Brick House").

In all seriousness, the best idea is storytime at our local library. We've done that a few times before. But we are at home and the car with the car seats is not with us today, so we'll just spend birthday number two hanging around the house and playing with her big brother.

One thing is for certain - there is birthday cake for later this evening. Yum.


Leesa said...

Awww, Happy Birthday :)

Sharing the cake?

CHEZ BEZ said...

I guess that's her call. I hope so! ;)

Lynnster said...

Happy birthday to the precious little one! Dad, hope you get some cake... ;)